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Rick48-v4 is a Winboard chess engine employing a revolutionary Active Space Algorithm (ASA). Unique playing style is combined with deep understanding of positional and strategic(!) subtleties. A sophisticated time management is another strong point in longer games. Rick48 outplays his opponents in an invisible way gaining frequently huge time advantage. Looks like the era of 'brute force' searchers is coming to an end.

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    Advertising, spamming and trolling is not allowed. This includes using the forum email and Private Message system to spam other members. There will be ZERO Tolerance for spamming; spammers will be banned immediately and permanently.
    Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed. Also, do not "cross-post" by posting your message in multiple threads.
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    Inappropriate words will be edited. Accounts with inappropriate user names may be deleted. The Rick48 team shall be the sole arbitrators of what does and what does not violate this rule.
    If you want to post in a language other than English on these forums, please also write an English translation of your post unless you are posting in a language-specific forum.
    No discussions about illegal activities.
    Respect the copyrights of other people, websites, software and printed media.


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    Do not use all caps (this is interpreted as YELLING).

Code Submissions

    Any code snippets posted on the forum are deemed to be contributions to Rick48. If they are used in Rick48, they will come under the same terms and license as all other Rick48 code.
    In submitting code snippets/changes on this forum you specifically grant to Rick48 the right to use your code and to license it under the terms of the Rick48 license.
    If you do not wish your code snippets to be used within Rick48, don't post them. Should you have any questions about licensing or copyrights, please contact us.


    May NOT contain any images.
    May NOT link to a product or service that competes with a product or service offered by Rick48. This is the Rick48 support forum, not a link farm.
    May include two clickable links. URL's or mailto: - No duplicate links
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    May include two colors. Hyperlink color is set by the forum and is not counted as a color.
    Maximum font size cannot be larger than normal.
    Must be kept to a maximum of four lines (at 1024 resolution).


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    We reserve the right to ask you to change and/or remove your signature or avatar at any time, for any reason.
    May not contain any pricing, sales, product etc. details.


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