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Rick48-v4 is a Winboard chess engine employing a revolutionary Active Space Algorithm (ASA). Unique playing style is combined with deep understanding of positional and strategic(!) subtleties. A sophisticated time management is another strong point in longer games. Rick48 outplays his opponents in an invisible way gaining frequently huge time advantage. Looks like the era of 'brute force' searchers is coming to an end.

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Rick48_mgw_x5 + 1 year subscription

Rick48_mgw_x5 Winboard Chess Engine
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Rick48_mgw_x5 Winboard_Chess_Engine

The Strongest Chess Engine in the World!


This contains engine and config file: 64-bit versions for Windows

Each new release is just a few clicks away with your one-year subscription. This lets you download the latest versions of Rick48 at any time as they are released throughout the year.


Unpack with 7-Zip

The config file "rick48-2.cfg" must be placed in the same directory as chess engine "rick48_mgw.exe"

If the cfg file is not recognized by the engine please rename it to "rick48.cfg".

Install in chess GUI: Arena



Buy the original version. When you play white, you are stronger...

This Software may not be reproduced in any way without prior written permission from the copyright holder.

You may not re-distribute, transfer, rent, lease to the public. You may not modify the chess engine or merge in 

another program, decompile or disassemble nor reverse engineer. 

Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, permission is granted  to install and run the Rick48 chess engine software and use the software on 1 computer.


(c) 2017 Rick48's Team

Credits to Benita Mozdzynska


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